Every business or business segment faces challenges that seem insurmountable.  The greatest opportunities for industry or sector differentiation often lie in these challenges.   Logistical, managerial, structural, technological, what opportunities exist that are within your grasp?  

Vision is imperative...

“The question is not first 'how would we' to think about 'how' immediately limits vision. To solve problems vision is imperative, so how do we create an environment where vision is allowed to be free? ”

What needs to be true?

“The path to a solution will require more than one area, item, or aspect to change. So, what will need to be true, in order for a solution to thrive ? Only then can tactics support a newly discovered strategy.”

A leader with no followers...

“Great ideas are only as powerful as their execution. Change is not inherent to small, medium or large businesses and great ideas likely require change, which requires leadership, great leadership.”


Change comes to those who act.